2020 Prize purse


2020 Prize Purse = $35,000

1st: $15,000

2nd: $7,000

3rd: $4,000

4th: $2,800

5th: $1,700

6th: $1,600

7th: $1,500

8th: $1,400

*18 Hole Stroke Play

Tied 9th Payout ($200 each)

Golf professionals who advance to the Match Play rounds and win their 1st match (round of 32) but lose in the 2nd match (round of 16) will all earn $200.


2020 SKINS GAME Prize Purse = $5,000

The 2020 Skins Game will be based on points earned by making birdies, eagles, and double eagles. Below is a points breakdown. All points awarded will be divided by $5,000 to determine how much each point is worth. Professionals who earn points will all get paid!

Birdie = 1 point

Eagle = 5 points

Double Eagle = 10 points 

*The Skins Game will take place during an 18 Hole Pro-Am, where the 24 golf professionals who did not advance to the Final 8 will be playing alongside 3-person amateur teams. Golf Professionals will play their own ball and the 3-person amateur teams will be playing a scramble. 

Example of Skins Game Payout

Say 110 points are earned by the 24 professionals

We will divide $5,000/110 = $45.45

Each point earned by a professional will pay out $45.45

Skills Challenge ($200 each)

8 Golf Professionals will be invited to participate in the Professional Skill Challenge on Sunday, June 28, 2020. 4 professionals will participate in a Long-Drive Contest and 4 professionals will participate in a Short-Game Contest. The winners of each challenge will earn $200.


All professional will have a chance to win Hole-In-One prizes during play on Wednesday, July 1, 2020. Prizes will be announced prior to the start of the tournament.